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Charles Bronson

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Birth Date

November 3, 1921


United States

Sun Sign


Natural hair color

Salt and Pepper

Eye color



5 ft 10 in | 177 cm

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68 kg | 150 lbs

Shoe size

Not available

Charles Bronson young tv shows facts best movies

Early acting career First film Breakthrough

Charles Bronson was born in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, United States, on November 3, 1921 was an American actor. Young Charles Bronson began his acting career in theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He made his big screen debut in film You're in the Navy Now (1951) in role as Wascylewski, opposite Gary Cooper. Bronson's breakthrough role came as Bernardo O'Reilly in the Western movie The Magnificent Seven (1960) opposite Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen.

Best films

He portrayed Paul Kersey in Death Wish film series:

Death Wish (1974)

Death Wish II (1982)

Death Wish 3 (1985)

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)

Death Wish V: The Face of Death (1994).

He played Harmonica in epic Spaghetti Western film Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) directed by Sergio Leone.

The Great Escape (1963) drama thriller opposite Steve McQueen and James Garner

Chato's Land (1972) western in role as Pardon Chato

The Indian Runner (1991) crime drama opposite Viggo Mortensen and Patricia Arquette

The Red Sun (1971) Western with Ursula Andress, Toshiro Mifune and Alain Delon

Dirty Dozen (1967) thriller action with Lee Marvin and Telly Savalas

Mr. Majestyk (1974) action thriller with Al Lettieri

The Mechanic (1972) action thriller opposite Jill Ireland

Hard Times (1975) drama sport with James Coburn and Jill Ireland

Death Hunt (1981) crime thriller with Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson

Telefon (1977) action spy with Lee Remick and Donald Pleasence

10 to Midnight (1983) crime horror thriller with Lisa Eilbacher and Eugene M. Davis


Charles received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 10, 1980.

He was 52 years old when film Death Wish (1974) was made.

Received a Purple Heart for wounds received in battle, World War II.

He was married to Harriet Tendler (1949-1967), Jill Ireland (1968-1990) and Kim Weeks (1998-2003).

He had four children.

Bronson died on August 30, 2003, Los Angeles, California, United States, at age of 81.


I am not a fan of myself.

Acting is the easiest thing I've done, I guess that's why I'm stuck with it.

I don't have friends, I have thousands of acquaintances. No friends. I figured I had a wife and children. They took up all the personal time I had. My children are my friends. My wife was my friend. We were opposite but I figured it made for a better relationship that way. One of the difficult parts of being a public person married to someone who was seriously ill is that people asked, 'So, how's your wife.' I found it difficult. They were strangers.

Nobody stays on top forever. Nobody!