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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson young

Birth Date

January 03, 1956


United States

Sun Sign


Natural hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color



5 ft 9 in | 177 cm

Mel Gibson young photos


97 kg | 214 lbs


48 in | 122 cm

Shoe size

10 US | 43 EU


40 in | 102 cm

Mel Gibson young tv shows facts best movies

Early acting career First film Breakthrough

Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, United States, on January 3, 1956, is an American actor. Young Mel Gibson made his big screen debut in the Australian thriller film Summer City (1977) in role as Scollop. He made his Hollywood debut in drama movie The River (1984) with Sissy Spacek. Mel's breakthrough performance came as Max Rockatansky in original Mad Max Trilogy: Mad Max (1979), Mad Max 2 (1981) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985).

Best Movies

He won an Golden Globe, Academy Award for Best Director and the Academy Award for Best Picture for epic war film Braveheart (1995), which he directed and starred in. He directed biographical war drama film Hacksaw Ridge (2016), for which won two Academy Awards.

He portrayed Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon movie series: Lethal Weapon (1987), Lethal Weapon 2 (1989), Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) and Lethal Weapon 4 (1998).

The Patriot (2000) action war with Heath Ledger and Jason Isaacs

The Bounty (1984) historical drama with Anthony Hopkins and Daniel Day‑Lewis

The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) romantic drama with Sigourney Weaver

Tequila Sunrise (1988) crime thriller opposite Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell

Bird on a Wire (1990) action comedy with Goldie Hawn

Air America (1990) action comedy with Robert Downey Jr.

Forever Young (1992) science fiction romantic drama with Jamie Lee Curtis and Elijah Wood

The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) drama with Milla Jovovich

The Beaver (2011) black comedy with Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence

Hamlet (1990) drama with Glenn Close and Helena Bonham Carter

The Expendables 3 (2014) action thriller with Sylvester Stallone

Gallipoli (1981) war drama in role as Frank Dunne

Signs (2002) drama mystery with Joaquin Phoenix

Payback (1999) neo-noir crime with Lucy Liu

Blood Father (2016) action crime thriller in role as John Link

Daddy's Home 2 (2017) comedy opposite Mark Wahlberg, Alessandra Ambrosio and Linda Cardellini


He directed biblical drama movie The Passion of the Christ (2004) and adventure action film Apocalypto (2006).

Gibson was married to Australian actress Robyn Denise Moore (1980-2006), they have one daughter and six sons.

He won Best Actor Award from the Australian Film Institute for his role in film Gallipoli (1981).

He is first Australian actor to have been paid one million dollars for a movie role.

Close friends with actress Jodie Foster.


You can't live up to what people expect. Nobody can. But I guess that's my problem not theirs.

Mad Max movie quotes: I'm scared, Fif. It's that rat circus out there, I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, a terminal psychotic except that I've got this bronze badge that says that I'm one of the good guys.

I think the 'Lethal Weapon' movies contain my favorite performances. It sounds really crummy, I know, but although the work doesn't look hard, it's difficult to create 'effortless' on screen.

I don't think of myself as either American or Australian really, I'm a true hybrid. It's a good thing for me because both of them are really good countries.

I could easily not act again. It's not a problem.

I'm always writing. There is always a story brewing in my head.

It's all happening too fast. I've got to put the brakes on or I'll smack into something.

Hollywood is a factory. You have to realize that you are working in a factory and you're part of the mechanism. If you break down, you'll be replaced.